GuardsA guard alpaca

When purchasing an alpaca to guard other livestock there are a few points to consider: 

  • More is not always better. Trials have shown two alpacas work well with up to 500 sheep, Larger numbers may form their own herd and not bother themselves with the animals that they are meant to be caring for.
  • The ideal guard is a wethered, mature male.
  • Ideally, the alpaca needs at least four weeks to form a bond with his new herd.
  • Both suri and huacaya alpacas make good guards.
  • The alpaca should be part of your routine husbandry - if your sheep have worms, then, probably, so will your alpaca.

Guard alpacas are often in short supply, we try to keep a limited number but it's sometimes best to reserve animals in advance or buy a younger animal and raise it yourself.

If we are unable to supply ourselves we are often able to help by sourcing suitable animals from our extensive contacts in the industry.