Two young alpacas


Why are alpacas becoming so popular as pets?

  • They are naturally curious and surprisingly smart
  • They require less care than most other livestock. Shearing once a year and some routine preventative care, very little else is needed.
  • Their soft padded feet will have minimum impact on your land.
  • Alpacas seem to really enjoy children, and children seem to really enjoy working with them.
  • They are very efficient land managers.
  • Alpacas can be trained. Not in the same way as a dog, but they will walk well on a lead, hand feed and in some cases, come when called.
  • The annual fleece can be hand or machine spun into a very high quality yarn.

Are there any catches?

  • You cannot have just one alpaca. Their herd instinct means that they need at least one companion animal. 
  • That cute baby alpaca will grow into a 70kg adult. Still friendly and cute, but you won't always be able to pick it up for a cuddle

Here at Prados Alpacas, we always have youngsters available for sale as pets. We pride ourselves on making sure that the animals that we sell this way are tempramentally suited to their new life. We're always happy to provide pre and after sale advice and support and, as we also provide a shearing service, our customers get priority on bookings. 

Give us a call or pop over for a visit to see if alpacas are the perfect match for your lifestyle.